We got tired of having to hook up a screen the Raspberry Pi just to find out its IP address, so we decided to write this simple script. Basically, you tell your Pi to send its local IP address here every time it boots, then you visit this site on your main computer to view it.

Installation Instructions

Just run the following code on your Raspberry Pi's command line:

wget http://pip.sheacob.com/pipinstall.py && chmod +x pipinstall.py && sudo ./pipinstall.py

The next time you reboot your Pi, visit pip.sheacob.com and its local IP address should appear. If it doesn't appear, you'll need to double-check some things:

  • Does your Raspberry Pi have internet access?
  • Did you get any errors when running the installation command?
  • Near the end of the boot process, you should see a message that says "Your IP address has been sent to pip.sheacob.com at your request." If you do not, then you might see one of these messages:
    • "[pip.sheacob.com] Local IP address not provided." - The script contacted our server, but no IP address was sent to it.
    • "[pip.sheacob.com] Please provide a properly-formatted ipv4 address." - The string being sent is not a valid IP (version 4) address.
    • "[pip.sheacob.com] IP address logging failed." - This means that there's a problem with our server, and you'll need to try again later.